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Graphic Design

Honest life and work advice for graphic designers. It’s easy to let off steam about clients down the pub on a Friday, but what if you have a bigger or more personal issue that’s troubling you as a designer? My writing about graphic design is intended as a safe place for you (and me!) to explore our feelings about the design industry.

Self-care for the Creative Soul

Last month I was invited to speak at Creative Mornings in Edinburgh on the theme of “taboo”, and decided to talk about mental health and self-care for the creative soul....

Just enough design

A recent discussion on Designer News about well-designed portfolios made me smile because this website was included in the mix.

How to fire a client

When a normal relationship goes sour, you start to feel guilt and resentment. And often you leave it too long before taking action for fear of hurting the other person....

10 simple ways to improve your graphic design

1. Look outside of graphic design for inspiration. Using the likes of Siteinspire, Designspiration and Dribbble is fine and dandy if it's just for 'reference'. But if you start reproducing...

My first website

Remember the dulcet, gurgling tones of a 56K modem connecting over your phone line? I can’t think of a more evocative sound from my early online adventures. Apart from an...

Trust your internal bullshit detector

A generic business estate on the outskirts of town. A generic office building. Generic office spaces lined up neatly inside. (Are these places cloned somewhere? Maybe that's what Milton Keynes...

Eike König on the importance of fun in design

Without a doubt, this was the most energising design talk I saw last year, courtesy of Berlin-based studio HORT and the creative conference 'Here' organised by creativity uber-blog It's Nice That.

How to stop being a graphic designer

If you're a designer and love your job, stop reading now. This article is not for you. But if being a graphic designer is getting you down, you need to...

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