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Caged Thinking

I’m sitting in a box, looking at a box, typing into a box.

The Fear

So you’ve got this idea. And you want it to be good so badly, that you’re scared to even start, in case the reality doesn’t match how it looks inside...

A bicycle for the mind

Daylight savings ain’t good for the soul. The one hour spring-forwards has messed with my body clock and I’ve felt groggy all week.

Maybe it’s the hardest thing

I almost didn’t publish this article, because so far I’ve completely failed to follow the advice at the end of it. But that’s a pretty good reflection of where my...

The only yellow car in the village.

When I was a kid we lived in a patch of quintessentially English countryside known as the Cotswolds. It’s full of picturesque villages with dry stone walls, and huge stately...

Eating the menu instead of the dinner

I’m increasingly glad that the internet and social media wasn’t really a thing when I was growing up. Sure, we had email and newsgroups and chatrooms and simple search engines...