I stopped reading the news on a daily basis over a year ago. Newspapers have become a luxury reserved for killing time on long journeys. My TV is also long gone.

I've been trying to be more honest, mostly with myself. Less concerned with the gloss and sheen, the smoke and the mirrors of design. Less hung up on what other people think about me. My online dating profile now includes a paragraph about all the good and not-so-good stuff that happened to me last year, instead of a single sentence. Being truthful as often as possible (but never when it could hurt someone) feels refreshing. 

But, I'm writing this with eighteen browser tabs open. I turned the honesty up a notch too far with my family and wish I hadn't. If you're reading this, I still love you Mum/Dad/sister/brother. I just had to hire a van to move flat. Most of the boxes are still sitting unopened in a spare room. Books and CDs that I haven't made use of in years, but still lug around with all my emotional baggage.

Which prompted this list of the things I'd like less of in my life. 

Less sugar, gluten, grains and synthetic foodstuffs.

Less lying to yourself, and other people.

Less browser tabs.

Less complaining.

Less obligations.

Less meetings.

Less goals.

Less news.

Less email.

Less work.

Less stuff.

Less TV.







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