Daylight savings ain’t good for the soul. The one hour spring-forwards has messed with my body clock and I’ve felt groggy all week.

I was just reading about how the human brain is uniquely capable of being augmented by the outside world. People with bad memories can use notebooks as an extension of their recall abilities.

Like a bicycle for the mind, as Steve Jobs famously describes computers.

Anything that goes into our brains comes out again at some point, whether consciously or not. We are shaped by our experiences, just as much as we shape our experiences (or strive too).

Sometimes when I look at the world around me, I wonder if it’s the best we could do, or that I could do.

The pavements are cracked and spotted with chewing gum and dog shit. And the dominant feature of the back court outside my flat is a row of bins (or sometimes, if you’re lucky, a pile of broken furniture).

I could be living in any one of the Earth’s millions upon millions of square miles. In a tropical forest surrounded by exotics birds and monkeys. On a remote hilltop retreat overlooking a prairie somewhere.

But here is where I am.

And just here is where I always will be.

So let’s make the most of it, hey.

Posted to life, writing in 2018.

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