A confession: I've been battling demons recently.

Work seems to have taken over everything, which means that writing has taken over my weekends. (And worse than that, when I have sat down to write, not much has come out).

I suspect it is partly creative burnout, but I think the only way to know for sure is to press the pause button.

So—and with a healthy "You are not your work" mantra ringing in my ears—I'm taking a break from writing during May.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the most popular essays on this site, and browse my Google bookmarks for a glimpse of what I'm thinking about.

Please know that your readership matters hugely to me, and that I'll be devoting some thinking time to how I can best serve you over the coming weeks.

Thank you for tuning in... and talk soon,


PS. All this said, I am taking on new clients this month. If you are seeking to improve your website, your sales funnel, or your business strategy, you can find more details about working with me here.

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