Often I find myself lying in bed first or last thing, in a repeating loop of checking various emails and apps. For some reason I think I'll find answers there, and not in the real world. Which, clearly, is not true or smart.

Next time I'm feeling down, I'm going to try @rands' advice, and try making something instead:

A foul mood is a stubborn beast and it does not give ground easily. It is an effort to simply get past the foulness in order to start building, but once the building has begun, the foul beast loses ground...

... turn off those notifications, turn your phone over, turn on your favorite music, stare at your blank slate and consider what you might build. In that moment of consideration, you’re making an important decision: create or consume? The things we’re giving to the future are feeling increasingly unintentional and irrelevant. They are half-considered thoughts of others. When you choose to create, you’re bucking the trend because you’re choosing to take the time to build.

Posted to life in 2014.

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