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Just enough design

A recent discussion on Designer News about well-designed portfolios made me smile because this website was included in the mix.

Knowing when to quit

Three clues that it might be time to move onto something new (and why quitting doesn't make you a quitter).

A second-hand bicycle saved my life

What inspired me to start CycleLove? Why and how do we become so attached to our bikes? Does cycling have an image problem? All topics touched on in a short...

On not using all the available space

Everyone knows that packing light makes travel easier, but we've all been that person lugging a suitcase full of never-needed things around a foreign city. What could you offload to lighten...

Dictating, Writing, Hiking.

Solutions to the problem of writer's block are legion. The funny thing is that people don't often get stuck for words when mid conversation; words tend to just come out....