We’re in the richest, best educated, most spectacular moment in the history of the world and we’ve got nothing to be afraid of. There are no saber tooth tigers left. I mean one day the world is going to melt and that’s not going to matter. Between now and tomorrow, the question is where is your fear and how are you going to use it as opposed to hide from it.
— Seth Godin

Since making some pretty radical New Year's resolutions last month, I feel like I've stalled with progress on my objectives. 

I haven't written anything for my ebook. I haven't finished any of the tracks for my EP. I haven't blogged on a daily basis. 

But beating yourself up about broken resolutions doesn't help — otherwise we would all be get-shit-done superheroes already.

Watching Seth Godin being interviewed on The Eventual Millionaire today, I realised he's right — the first step to making the big things you have planned happen is to put a finger on the fears that are holding you back, and write them down.

So, here goes...

I'm afraid of publishing my music, and performing in public. I don't like the sound of my own voice. I've spent over a decade producing music but somehow that has made me even more reluctant to release my songs into the world. Which, it goes without saying, is pretty fucking stupid.

I'm afraid of interviewing the people I have lined up for my ebook. What if I ask them dumb questions? What if the interview goes down like a lead balloon?

I'm uneasy about broadcasting my most honest of opinions on the internet. Probably because I've labelled myself as the 'shy' type for much of my life. (I'm working on this). 

I'm most definitely afraid of speaking in public (although I did recently speak to a room full of people using a microphone for the first time). 

What do you want to *not* be afraid of?

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