In the past few weeks, work seems to have taken over, and the boundary between my professional and personal life has blurred to a mere smudge.

Any freelance design projects are now being squeezed into the gaps left after blogging, so I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get in the right mindset to tackle client work.

On top of that, the thought of 'monetising' CycleLove is freaking me out a little.

I've worked hard for a year on the blog and I don't want to piss off my users by slapping adverts onto the site. But equally, if I can't make a living from CycleLove, the project isn't going to ever be more than a hobby.

I need to have a workspace that isn't my bedroom. (And a laptop).

And for the first time,  I'm really missing having co-workers. Someone to bounce ideas at, or chew the fat with.

If you're self-employed, how do you keep things in balance?

Posted to life in 2013.

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