That thing you wake up in the morning thinking about.

That thing you keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking about too.

That thing you always have brain-sparks about in situations where you don’t have a pen and paper to hand.

That thing you want to do that other people say they want to do when they retire or when they win the lottery or if they had their lives to start over again.

That thing you keep trying to explain to your partner.

That thing your best friends ask about your progress with whenever they see you.

That thing you understand better than anyone else.

That thing you see connections to and reminders of everywhere.

That thing you are obsessed with.

That thing you want to do.


That thing that’s potentially like things other people are already doing which are the only things they’ve ever done in their lives that make them want to jump straight out of bed in the morning and get to it.

That thing that some day you’ll kick yourself about not having done when you see that someone else has done it first.

That thing you want to do.

That thing you want to do that could become the thing you do.

Why haven’t you started doing it yet?


Posted to life in 2013.

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