Sound familiar?

It’s damn tough being a graphic designer.

The constant rollercoaster of the creative process can leave you feeling lost, drained and stressed.

Whilst you might not be ready to walk away from your job… you’re burnt out… and aren’t getting any real satisfaction from your work.

And you’re wondering how long you can keep going.

“In the simplest terms, I just don’t want to be STRESSED anymore”

Is it possible to actually enjoy being a graphic designer? To do work that feels fulfilling, and with clients who understand the value of design?

When the shit hits the fan at work, and everything feels like too much to take, you need a guiding voice to set you back on track.

Imagine getting the design job you loved back — but without the constant grind of the everyday routine…

A pocket-sized survival guide for the design world

How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Sanity is your handbook to easing the everyday stresses and strains of being a graphic designer.

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What you’ll learn in the book


What’s the difference between this book and How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul? Adrian Shaughnessy’s classic book is a guide to the professional aspects of being a graphic designer, from setting up a studio to finding work. How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Sanity is intended to be a complimetary guide, about the personal wellbeing of graphic designers on an everyday basis.

I’m in another creative field other than graphic design, is this book for me? Whilst much of the contents applies to other creative endeveours, it is very tailored to the specifics of being a graphic designer. But I would suggest reading my blog which is written to help all kinds of creative people get unstuck.

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— James