On my way home via Brussels-Midi station last weekend, I stopped to photograph this display of suitcases… you know… the stupid kind on wheels that nip at heels in stations and airports everywhere.

It struck me that whatever the container, if there’s space available we’re likely to use it.

We fill our cups to the brim or our plates until they’re full because… well… otherwise they’d be empty.

And when dieticians want us to eat less they advise that the plates and cups be made smaller, and hey presto, we eat and drink less without thinking about it.

In the same way, everyone knows that packing light makes travel easier, but we’ve all been that person lugging a suitcase full of never-needed things around a foreign city.

Offload some belongings. Offload a part of you that doesn’t need to be lumbered around any more. Offload a few old grudges or even some friends-who-are-no-longer-really-your-friends.

Leaving things behind frees up energy you can use to propel yourself forward.

Posted to life in 2014.

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