Whilst researching my last article, I discovered that someone's written a book about how to think like Steve Jobs.

Which goes by the grand title of...

What Would Steve Jobs Do? How the Steve Jobs Way Can Inspire Anyone to Think Differently and Win.

Now I have no intention of reading the book, so I can't tell you if it'll turn you into a parrot or a genius. (Although I'm guessing the former).

But one thing I do know is that modelling your life on someone else's is a crap idea.

Imagine how infuriating it would be to work at Apple if everyone kept asking "What would Steve do?". Maybe it's already happening there. Or at Microsoft. I don't know.

So, don't try to be the next Steve Jobs. Or Bill Gates. Or whoever else is your hero. 

Just try to be yourself.


Now if I was in the US I would have simply written "Because you're awesome" for that last one. But it's one of those things that doesn't sound so great in a British accent, right?

Posted to life in 2014.

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