Opening up your inbox on a Monday can be a grim experience. 

Ideally you'll have done a few hours work before even contemplating it.

Let's be realistic though: inbox avoidance is not really an option in office environments, where email is a toxic intravenous drip jacked directly into your mouse hand.

So instead, you find yourself wading through a sea of requests, apologies, spam, god knows what but it's probably not going to be pleasant reading and can you please send those files over A-S-A-FUCKING-P.

Here's my idea for how to fix Mondays. Or at the very least, make them a little more bearable:

  1. Pick someone whose work you admire, or who is important in your life, or you think might simply be in need of a reason to smile today.
  2. Write him/her an email to tell them what you love about them or what they're doing.
  3. Um, that's it. 

Of course if everyone did this, we'd be make to square one again.

But they won't.

You could though...

Posted to life in 2014.

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