Working as a digital designer (and amateur programmer) in Scotland I was briefly exposed (1) to the software development methodology of 'extreme programming', whose creator Kent Beck advocated coding first, and optimising last.

His aim was to allow for more iterations in the development cycle of a piece of software, thus creating the most opportunities for feedback and improvement. Tellingly perhaps, his third book on the subject was called "Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change".

By swapping out the 'coding' for 'doing', his approach can be used to engineer greater, and faster, change in your own personal development.

Do first, optimise last (and embrace the change).

(1) Hat tip to my former, and slightly maverick, boss Hoss Gifford. I still the remember the day our team got a bollocking for animating a 'wrong password' shake on the login screen of our fledging email newsletter system, whilst the rest of it remained completely unbuilt (which is how it remains to this day).

Posted to life in 2012.

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