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Writing out a huge list of resolutions might feel good at the time, but on average I’ve hit less than a third of my goals over the past few years, and that doesn’t feel so great. Does that mean that setting goals is bad? That people who miss most of their goals are failures? Nope! But it does suggest we’re doing the goal-setting slightly wrong in the first place.

The one trick that will get your content read by tens of thousands of people

After writing 600 odd blog posts, I’m more clued up about promoting my content than I used to be. Here's what I've learnt about creating and sharing content.

Confessions of a serial non-finisher

How can you avoid the wandering path of the procrastinator? Find out how to find your sweet spot when it comes to finishing projects, and why following your passion is unlikely to help.

What I learnt creating my first email course. How to choose an audience and a topic, sequence your lessons, then build and promote your email course.

Guidance for freelancers on qualifying new clients, developing your productized consulting offer, and trusting your gut.

Last time I asked this question, the response from everyone rading this blog was inspiring:  you were starting blogs, building apps, planning adventures, and launching brands.

So I thought it would be fun to repeat the experiment, but with a twist to encourage you to connect with each other..

Tips for graphic design students on getting the most out of internships, and on taking the first exciting few steps in their professional design career. (And a refresher for all of us who are already further down the line.)

Why and how to strip things back to the core.

A thought experiment to transform your career options from hypothetical to practical by taking small, intentional steps.

Making something shorter doesn’t mean making it less interesting or less sexy.