Recently I’ve fallen into a trap of overthinking blog posts, and not publishing much as a result. </p>

So I’m going to start “blogging” again… writing about things I’m thinking about, documenting my process, chewing the fat… whatever you want to call it.

This particular blog post about a podcast I’m going to start.

It feels good to write that down, because it means that someone else can see this, and it’s harder for me to back out now.

Who’s the podcast for?

I’m going to be podcasting for graphic designers who feel stuck with their career, and want to do something different.

That might mean going freelance, starting your own brand or product range, or switching to a different career.

So my plan is to interview interesting people who have made the switch from graphic design to something else. To find out how they did it, which of their skills from the design world were helpful (or not), and what tips they would have for someone else in a similar situation.

If you have a suggestion for someone I should interview, let me know. Or you can retweet this :)

Already I’ve heard from designers who have become teachers, illustrators, fashionistas, knife-makers and more. So I’m excited to see what stories we can unearth together.

Why am I podcasting?

Because Paul Jarvis said I should. (And yes… it’s slightly more nuanced than that).

Because it’s a good precursor to writing a book on this topic (something I’ve been talking about for a long time).

Because I have time in June, as I’m putting freelance work on hold to concentrate my own projects for the month.

And because it’s a different format from writing (with no “Writer’s block!” excuse), and because it’s something new to experiment with.

I’ve done quite a few interviews before, in person and by phone, so I’ve got a rough idea of what I’m doing.

But we’ll see…

I commit to…

Recording at least 3 episodes by July 15.

And recording 20 episodes by the end of 2016.

That’s the plan so far — put your email into the box below to find out what happens next.

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